Valohai vs. Domino Data Lab

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What's inside?

Both Valohai and Domino Data Lab have a focus on customizability and enterprise grade security. However, there are few main differences from which three are mentioned below.

Versioning and reproducibility

Domino Data Lab comes with version control for the code you write as well as the environment the code was run in. In addition to those, Valohai comes with the support data versioning, hardware versioning, hyperparameter versioning, physical log file persistence, duration, CO2 footprint and costs.


Environment agnosticism

Domino only supports development of models through specific IDEs (such as Jupyter, Zeppelin and RStudio) while Valohai’s approach is that you can run any code in any language making it much more agnostic.



Domino Data Lab works around having your code notebooks, or physical environments (e.g. in VSCode) thus letting you create your projects as Public, Searchable or Private. Valohai also supports sharing of projects but on top of that supports role-based access control (e.g. Azure AD), team management, and cloud usage reporting from team to physical experiment level.

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