Watch the Webinar Recording of Fireside Chat on patenting your AI solutions

Are you interested in the patentability of machine learning models and artificial intelligence? Did you know that, under the current law, an inventor must be a human? What happens if the innovation is made with machine learning? Is patenting an AI solution any different from patenting a software?
We'll introduce the basics of EU patent law and move through patentability of AI models to AI driven inventions.
You'll get answers to such questions as:
  • Is patenting always the best way to protect AI-based inventions?
  • What are the hurdles with patenting AI and how they are solved in practice?
  • Can we patent inventions generated by AI?
  • What will the future look like with innovative AI?
In the studio, we have law and technology expert Vadym Kublik together with Valohai's Chief Growth Officer Fredrik Rönnlund.

Vadym Kublik

Master of Law

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Fredrik Rönnlund

Chief Growth Officer, Valohai

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