How to use synthetic datasets?

Time: March 6th 2019 @ 9AM PT (6PM CET)


In this webinar we’ll:

  • introduce cases where you can and should use synthetic data,
  • talk about avoiding common pitfalls like bias in your models, and
  • walk through different use-cases from voice, text, structured data in a database to image/video data.

We will touch upon different tools to use for generating synthetic data. You'll see a live example where we first generate synthetic data with Unity and then train a model to recognize objects in real life. The webinar is practical by nature with hands-on examples. And free to join for everyone!

The webinar will be hosted by machine learning engineer Ruksi Laine and machine learning fanboy Fredrik Rönnlund from Valohai.

The webinar will be hosted on YouTube and we will email you a link to the live webinar, as well as to the recording.

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